The 10 Things Successful Recruits Do In The First 3 Months

Everyone wants to start off a new job with a bang. You want to make a good impression and ensure that you’re seen as a valuable addition to the business. But how do you go about achieving this?

Thankfully Business Insider have come up with the top 10 tips to ensure that your first 3 months at a new job are a success.

Show your value within the team

Ensure that you’re turning up to all of your meetings and – most importantly – show that you’re there to contribute. Use this time to establish your expertise and become a go-to person for information and advice.

Find new ways to resolve problems

When a problem arises it’s easy to fall back on your go-to solutions. Instead, try and think outside the box. Annabel Action, the founder of Never Liked It Anyway, suggests wondering what your heroes would do:

“Considering how Willy Wonka would solve a packaging challenge, how Coco Chanel would tackle a communications issue, and how Salvador Dali would take on streamlining a supply chain can be very enlightening.”

Branch out within the company

You’ll become friendly with your office neighbours in no time, but it’s easy to fall into a clique and just socialise within that group. Instead, try and get a conversation going with other colleagues. Ask outside of your circle for advice or their perspectives and get them talking about their opinions. They’ll be more than willing to share.

Find new ways to achieve more

Achieving what is of asked of you is one thing – and certainly something you should be proud of – but you should also be considering how you can get more done.

On this point the CEO of Slack, Stewart Butterfield, advises: “I feel like people in their early- to mid-20s are very earnest. They’re very serious, and they want to feel like they’ve accomplished a lot at a very young age rather than just trying to figure stuff out. So I try to push them toward a more experimental attitude.”

Tweak your habits

This will apply to anyone at any stage of their career, but starting afresh in a new job is as good a time as any. Perhaps it’s time to start a new exercise routine or change your diet. Maybe you want to consider taking up hobbies like meditation, reading and painting. Something that will redefine your mentality and boost your productivity.

Stop wasting time

There are things that we all need to get done, but that can be real time wasters. If you want to optimise your workday start looking at the tasks you perform and get rid of the ones that drain your resources, or find a better way of doing them.

Demonstrate your value to the company

If you’re a successful person you’re going to be constantly demonstrating your value to your colleagues. FBI agent Robin Dreeke shares this key bit of insight:

“I never think in terms of convincing anyone of anything — I think in terms of inspiring them. If you want to move into a position of leadership, or you want to move up in the company, the first thing to ask yourself is, ‘How can I inspire them to want me?’”

“You’ve got to understand what’s important to them. How do they see prosperity? What can you do to make their job easier?”

Establish new goals

Whether you have or you haven’t achieved the goals you set yourself, you should always be examining them to see whether they’re still a good fit. Consult with your managers to see whether you’re on the right track and discuss whether there’s a new approach you can take, or something you should be prioritising.

Network, network, network

Jump on every opportunity you get to network with your new colleagues. Connecting with your peers is just as valuable as connecting with your bosses, so be sure you’re grabbing those coffees, attending parties, turning up to that 5-a-side game…

Rekindle relationships with old colleagues

The first three months after you’ve left a job are the best time to reconnect with old colleagues and get those all-important referrals. You’re still fresh in their minds and it’s always good idea to keep communication channels open – you never know when they might come in handy.




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